Assisted Living, Home Delivery, and Group Homes

Our pharmacy staff can provide professional medication reviews and cost-saving solutions.

Medication Accuracypharmacy shelf

Assist Care Pharmacy utilizes a 5-Point Medication Tracking System to ensure accuracy. Packaging and labels are inspected and errors are identified before the medications leave the pharmacy. There are five pharmacists check-points relative to every medication received and dispensed.

  1. Orders are triaged and organized in order of importance upon receipt
  2. Orders are then checked by a Technician and Pharmacist(s) prior to being filled
  3. Visual check by. Pharmacist after orders are filled
  4. Pharmacist completes a visual/computer inspection to match drug/Rs to each patient
  5. Pharmacist Deliver Manifest check - visual/computer inspection matching right patient, right drug, right strength, right facility

Drug Profile/Interaction

Monitoring drug/drug and drug/food interactions will be coordinated through computer-based drug profiles maintained for all residents. Drug interactions and drug/food interactions are flagged prior to filling. When interactions occur that could lead to clinical complications, the facility is notified immediately.

Drug allergies will also be monitored. Pharmacy data entry personnel are warned of drug allergies prior to prescription dispensing. The facility is notified and alternative therapies recommended.

Drug Utilization Review

Assist Care Pharmacy. clinical pharmacists conduct prospective drug utilization reviews at intake. The goal is medication reduction via elimination of duplicate therapies, overdoses and unnecessary medications. Our clinical pharmacist will work collaboratively with facility's D.O.N. and medical director.

Formulary Management

With the plethora of insurance plans and corresponding formularies today, we understand that it is a challenge for doctors to be aware of what is covered for a patient. That is why we make it a part of our job to assist the doctor and the patient in obtaining the most cost effective medications.

We constantly evaluate patient Med D plans to ensure the selected plan meets patient needs. Disease states change and it is important that this function be part of pharmacy practice.

Cost-savings Solutions

Assist Care Pharmacy has extensive experience working with multiple payers. Pre Admission screening is an integral part of pharmacy performance to aid residents in cost analysis. When medications or products are not covered, the physician's office, and the facility and/or the patient's representative are contacted; and, alternative medication options are provided.