Assisted Living, Home Delivery, and Group Homes
I am a medical professional and use the services of Assist Care for home delivery for my patients. I like to have my patients use this service as they are attentive to peoples needs and problems. I have used them for over 10 years with confidence that they will take care of the patient the we all want to be taken care off, I recommend their service for your home pharmacy needs!
Robert Lynn
Assist Care Pharmacy is not like the "big name" pharmacies. At Assist Care you are more then a number or text message. The pharmacists are helpful and always available. The office staff are professional and provide excellent customer service. They offer free delivery. Assist Care Pharmacy is by far the best pharmacy in town.
Betty Azzurro
I have been with Assist Care since I believe 2013 and I love them. Timely deliveries and knowledgeable staff.
Nicole Roberds
Assist Care has been such a blessing to me with delivering my medications monthly. I don’t have to worry about if I will run or about refills as they help with all of that. I love the people who work there and the customer service is amazing. Thank you for helping me with my medications.
Sharon Moore
Quality service at quality prices!!!
David Coldren
I've been with assist care for about 8 years, very happy with their services. Employees are very friendly, helpful, and most of all, very professional.
Alma Nanat
I have been with them for 10 years!! It’s like an extension of family. When you are dependent on meds every month and have no other way they’re right there for you!!! The staff is amazing!
Joan Powers
I have used Assist Care Pharmacy for 4 years been very happy. They good delivery service day or night. The owner and staff are wonderful to work with.
Harold Bishop
I Love the friendly staff at Assist Care Pharmacy Melissa helped both my mom and mother in-law for over 9 years. Also both myself and my husband have used them for over six year. They are great at helping us stay on task with our med’s and calling our doctors if needed for refills.
Lupe Schoeb
I have only been with Assist Care for a short time but the make me feel like family and care about me. Samantha has gone above and beyond to try and help me get everything back into order after my old pharmacy made a mess. She also called my insurance and helped me figure things that I did not understand. I appreciate them so much.
Patrica Smith
Assist care is always so helpful. We get our medications in a timely manner. Their staff is amazing. Especially Sam, she always goes above and beyond. I know I will get what I ask for when talking to her.
Douglas & Heather Dillingham
I have been with pharmacy for over nine years and customers service has always been great. I work closely with Melissa she always makes sure my deliveries are always on time. I give them five stars all around. Thank you assist care pharmacy for always being efficient and for all your hard work!!
Diana Heiberger
I have been using assist care pharmacy for years to get my medications. they are compassionate, dedicated, and truly care. I highly recommend them.
Keven Kokos
I would like to thank Melissa, Lea, and Laura for the amazing service that I receive from Assist Care Pharmacy. They are always willing to help me with my refills on my prescriptions by contacting my doctors and staying on top of things. I have been with them for over eight years and my mom and mother-in-law were with them for over ten. The whole staff is very respectful and kind.
William Schoeb
Melissa and Leah always make sure I get my medicine on time and delivered to me I'm bedbound handicapped so this pharmacy is the best thank you very much for everything.
Dominick Swetcoff